Empathy And Long-Term Relationships

Our team is naturally empathetic, placing great importance on understanding your concerns, needs, and the investment of time and effort you put into this process. We believe in building long-term relationships over focusing solely on immediate results. We provide reasonable options that resonate with you and keep your best interests at heart.

Property Management

Why Property Choice?

Attention To Detail And Personal Approach

We put our hearts into our work. Instead of focusing on flashy management features, we concentrate on the finer details and deliver service joyfully. We maintain a balanced approach without favouring any particular side and nurture stable and long-term benefits for all parts.

Local Expertise And Professional Service

As local agents, we provide personalised service at a close range. We focus on professionalism, striving to be proactive rather than reactive and upholding strong leadership. Our shared values lie in professionalism, service, and attention to detail.

Communicate With Empathy

Every exchange with us goes beyond talk—it’s an emotional connection imbued with genuine feelings. We’re all about empathy and strive to make every chat feel less like a formal transaction and more like a heart-to-heart conversation.

3-Step Property Management Procedure


Agent Meeting And Inspection

• Assess the property, evaluate the condition and provide advice
• Determine rental price 
• Prepare necessary documents • Photo shoot

Marketing And Tenant Screening

• List property various channels 
• Create compelling listings with high quality photos
• Schedule property inspections  Tenant screening, tenant background and history checks, verifying employment and income, rental references.


Lease agreement and Tenant move-in

• Review lease terms and agreement 
• Collect rental bond
• Conduction move-in inspection
• Use a move-in check list and have the tenant sign to avoid disputes
• Collect keys


Meet With Bob

Bob understands the significance of trust in our line of work. His attitude and personality aim to foster a genuine connection with you. He is attentive to your needs and strive to build a trustworthy relationship. Working with Bob means embracing a partnership where you can feel connected and understood.

Bob Li was fantastic in helping me with my property management and rental. He really cared about his clients and attention to details, fulfilled every need that I required.I strongly recommend Bob Li as your agent and this parramatta local real estate agency. Their service is top level.

Get A Free Rental Appraisal

Please let us know the basic property information, we will send through a details appraisal in 48 hours.